Stay Home. Have fun.

Just because your teams are home doesn’t mean they can’t connect.

Immersive 360 Virtual Escape Room Demo

Raid the Room brings our escape room experiences directly to teams from the comfort of their homes. Our virtual escape room challenges teams to combine their skills and solve a series of puzzles hidden throughout the room. Rally your team together and race against other teams for the fastest time!

  • Move around the room by clicking on the hotspot rings. Click and drag your mouse to look around the room.
  • Hover your mouse cursor over objects to see whether or not you can interact with them. Your cursor will change if you can.
  • Try moving to the hotspot upstairs and click on the Periodic Table poster that you find there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked paired with their answers. We always recommend scheduling a demo with our team via the form on the main page, but feel free to check out some of the most common questions we get asked first!

How many people can play at the same time?

We are basically unlimited when it comes to simultaneous players on our platform. We’ve hosted events as large as 10,000 users playing at the same time. We do recommend breaking groups up into teams of 4, but the total number of people can be as many as you want!

Can I control where I'm looking or is it controlled by the team?

Each team member logs into our web app, so everyone gets their own viewport to move around and look at objects independently. When answers are entered into the app that move the game forward, all players see correctly inputted answers update in real-time.

How do teams communicate?

We have built and integrated our own dedicated meeting system within our browser-based game. We typically have attendees join our virtual lobby, which will organize them into random teams of 4. Once each team’s game is started, they will be able to communicate with their teammates via voice audio, written chat, and/or webcam & screenshare video.

How do we know if our team is winning?

Teams can always see their time remaining and rank live. You can even see the rank of every other team playing the game. Every time a team enters an answer, your team’s rank gets updated to show you how you’re doing versus every other team.

Do I need to download anything to play?

All you need to have is a computer or laptop with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a browser. Since the game is played via your browser, you do not need to download any additional software. If you do not have Chrome or Firefox, then we will ask that you download one of those browsers in order to play the game.

Can I ask for help during the game?

Yes! Absolutely! We host and facilitate our events, which means all participants are free to ask any questions that they’d like. We’ll even proactively send our Game Masters into meeting rooms to check on teams and answer any questions people have.