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Game Together. Work Better.

The virtual escape room experience training teams to turn problems into play

Gamified Activities Ready for Your Enterprise Needs

We have deconstructed our traditional escape room to create bespoke and scalable solutions for corporate events. If you haven’t heard of an escape room before, a small group of about 4 to 10 people are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles within an hour to escape. Unfortunately, traditional escape rooms are very limited in their ability to serve corporate clients. We’ve seen this firsthand, and we developed solutions to overcome those challenges.

Tabletop Break Box

We have taken everything we love from our traditional escape room and packaged them into fun and engaging layers of challenges. Teams must unlock each section in order to reach the center of their box with the fastest time.

Digital Puzzle Experience

We’ve fully digitized all of our puzzle materials, so users can access the game anywhere in the world simultaneously and at scale. Puzzles are unlocked one-at-a-time to emphasize puzzle content and difficulty. 

360° Virtual Escape Room

This experience requires participants to explore a fully 360-degree virtual environment. This immersive perspective maximizes user freedom by allowing them to engage in puzzles hidden around the virtual space. 

Include Your Content

Our escape room experiences are incredibly flexible. We can integrate your content into our activites to make the experience both educational and engaging. All of our products can be customized to meet your needs.

Which Product Fits Best For You?

We Can Host an Event for You!

Our events are so engaging because we gamify the entire experience. Not only are the challenges both innovative and fun, but teams have a genuine reason to communicate and work together so they can win. No matter which team comes out on top, everyone has a blast!

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What can we help you with?

Our Key Differentiators

Our Pop-up Escape Room Experiences are designed to delight your teams with interactive and challenging puzzles that enhance your training and team building objectives.


Effective Fun

Research shows that interactive entertainment improves recall, favorability and usage intent/consideration.

Massively Scalable

Our experiences can be done with any event size, at any location, and even completely digitally for remote teams.

Fully Customizable

We can tie content from your materials directly into our puzzles to make learning key to completing the experience.

Team Creativity

We get teams to play together because play is freeing. Problems are solved best when teams learn to innovate.

Powerful Technology

Our mobile web app allows us to transition between puzzles fluidly. The power makes the experience simple for users.

Performance Data

We collect performance data that helps participants understand how and why their teams succeeded.

Our Customers are Diverse

Unlike other escape room companies, our clients are primarily large enterprise businesses. Our escape room experiences (tabletop, digital, and 360 virtual) are designed to be actionable, customizable, and scalable for all industries.

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